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Maintaining your cognitive health never tasted so good. CocoaMind™ is an irresistible hot-drink mix that delivers a fast-acting boost for mental focus and concentration. Because as it turns out, cocoa and spearmint actually promote healthy attention and working memory — in addition to being delicious. Mix with hot water, milk, or coffee for a brain-boosting pick me up.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Promotes working memory and concentration
  • Delicious sugar-free mint-chocolate flavor
  • Mixes easily with hot water, coffee, or milk
  • 14 convenient, individually packaged servings

Our everyday lives demand a specific kind of focus and concentration called working memory. Like “sticky-notes” for your brain, working memory temporarily holds the information we need to perform everyday tasks. And both cocoa and spearmint support working memory performance.

Cocoa Powder

Studies show that cocoa powder significantly improved performance on reaction time tests that required focus, attention, and concentration. Cocoa also encourages increased neuron activity in the brain, as well as the changes in blood flow and oxygen metabolism that go with it.

In a randomized, double-blind study, subjects given two cups of cocoa twice a day saw statistically significant improvements in tests which require focus and attention. There were also significant improvements in neurovascular coupling, or regional neuronal activity that affects cerebral blood flow and oxygen metabolism in the brain.

Spearmint phenolic complex

CocoaMind™ also contains a potent spearmint extract called Neumentix™. Research indicates that this unique extract improved acute performance on cognitive tests that required focus, attention, planning, and concentration, as well as on tests that evaluated the quality of working memory. Plus, this unique spearmint extract promotes neurological health and helps inhibit inflammatory factors.

Convenient, on-the-go packaging

CocoaMind™ comes in 14 individual serving packets. It's makes a great treat for students, homemakers, and business professionals of any age. Just mix with hot water, milk, or coffee for a brain-boosting pick me up. Try CocoaMind™ — it's as good as you think!

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