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Water Shower Filtration - Vit C Shower

Why Vit C Shower?

* Water filter for your shower  

* Vit C added to neutralise chemicals and odours  

* 6l/min waterflow showerhead - water saving (up to R3500 per year)

* VitC bath to neutralise chemicals in the bath water for your babies and toddlers!

* 1 tablet - 100l water

Allergies such as eczema type skin conditions, sinusitis and hay fever can be directly related to the chlorine, chloramines and ammonia in our treated municipal waters.  

3 out of 10 kids under the age of 10 suffers from eczema type skin conditions…

We don’t drink from our taps anymore…

why should our skins and respiratory systems be exposed to it?

Both Vit C shower and Vit C bath packaging to be recycled or reused.

Q:  How much water and money will I save with the Vit C showerhead?

A:  Up to 86 000l per year (per 4 x family members showering for 10 min once a day) and R3200.00 in water bills