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Bulletproof Chocolate Collagen Protein Net Wt. 17.6 oz.

Bulletproof Chocolate Collagen Protein Net Wt. 17.6 oz.

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Chocolate Collagen Protein Net Wt. 17.6 oz.

Rebuild, Repair, Restore


  • 23g of protein per serving
  • Collagen from pasture-raised cows
  • Supports bones, joints, skin and hair


1 – 17.6oz canister of Chocolate Collagen Protein

Bulletproof™ Chocolate Collagen Protein makes it easy to get the same vital amino acids found in bone broth without the time-consuming preparation.

Why Add Extra Collagen to Your Diet?

Traditionally, collagen used to make its way into peoples’ diets through foods like bone broths, slow-cooked organ meats, kidney pies, baked beef hearts, whole crustaceans, and whole-fish soups and stews.

However, unless a person is routinely eating these types of meals, chances are the body is barely getting any naturally occurring collagen protein at all.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the largest and most abundant protein in the body, making up about 30 to 35% of the total protein. Collagen is in every tissue of the body and is the connective tissue in structures such as skin, hair, nails, bones, lungs, heart and liver. It is often referred to as the glue that holds the body together.

Collagen contains glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline, the three amino acids the body uses to manufacture its own collagen.

What does collagen do, exactly?

1) Smoother, more hydrated skin

Skin and connective tissue contain special cells called fibroblasts that manufacture collagen. They can crank it out as long as they have plenty of glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. The best way to get those amino acids is hydrolyzed collagen, which has been broken down so it’s more bioavailable.

Hydrolyzed collagen:

  • Improves skin elasticity.
  • Decreases skin cracking.
  • Helps smooth out wrinkles.
  • Increases fibroblast density, a marker of healthy, elastic skin.
  • Increases skin moisture.

2) Stronger joints

Collagen can also strengthen joints, increasing their resilience. Several studies have found that taking hydrolyzed collagen decreases joint pain after exercise and makes joints more flexible.

Collagen is also a great hack for endurance athletes, particularly if the preferred exercise is tough on joints. Long-distance running is the worst offender. Most sports take their toll, as can heavy lifting.

3) Faster recovery

Collagen is the main protein the body recruits to help build everything from the connective tissue in skin to the tendons that attach muscles to bone. It works well for several reasons:

  • Collagen forms a flexible matrix, covering new tissue while still allowing it to move. It acts as a sort of scaffold that holds everything together so other cells can rebuild.
  • It helps keep tissue clean.
  • t can assimilate with surrounding tissue, helping to bring pieces of tissue together.

The body’s collagen needs go up when injured. If recovering from something, try taking 10g of collagen or Collagelatin™ 2-3 times per day.

What are the Differences Between Collagen, Whey & Collagelatin?

One of the biggest differences between collagen and whey is in the amino acids. Collagen is higher in glycine – an amino acid that combines with glutamine and cysteine (found in whey and other protein sources) to support the production of glutathione, the body’s master antioxidant. Although collagen has an incomplete amino acid profile, the amino acids it does provide fill in the gaps commonly seen in dietary protein and protein supplements.

And because Bulletproof™ Collagen is enzymatically hydrolyzed (breaking the bonds that form gelatin), Bulletproof Collagen protein does not thicken upon cooling like regular gelatin.

Powerfully Delicious

Bulletproof™ Chocolate Collagen Protein is naturally sweet and great in smoothies, yet so tasty you’ll also love it mixed with water. Looking for inspiration in the kitchen? Try blending Chocolate Collagen Protein into Bulletproof® Coffee for a delicious collagen mocha.  Plus, it’s made with Bulletproof XCT® oil, so it’s also a satisfying way to add high-energy fats to your diet.

While collagen can help the body build or maintain muscle and aid recovery post-workout, you don’t have to pump iron to experience the benefits. In fact, most people enjoy collagen for its other perks including

  • Promoting resilient, flexible joints
  • Supporting hair growth
  • Reducing wrinkles and stretch marks
  • Upgrading skin with a radiant, healthy ‘glow’

Stir up a glass before the gym, after the gym, instead of the gym – hey, it’s up to you.

Carefully sourced ingredients


Hydrolyzed collagen powder, Bulletproof™ XCT® oil powder (caprylic and capric acid triglycerides from highly refined coconut and/or palm kernel oil, tapioca dextrin), raw cacao powder, coconut creamer powder (nonfat dry coconut milk, non-GMO maltodextrin, coconut oil, gum acacia, less than 2% sunflower lecithin, tri-calcium phosphate), erythritol, organic cocoa powder, cellulose gum, Rebaudioside A (refined stevia leaf extract).

Bulletproof™ Collagen Protein is made of predominantly Type I and a small amount of Type III bovine collagen that comes from pasture-raised, hormone-free cows. And unlike cheaper collagen that can end up damaged by heat, Bulletproof Collagen is enzymatically processed several times, to leave its nutrition-giving peptides intact. That makes it highly bioavailable for maximum nutritional potency.

For a quick and delicious serving of collagen, mix 2 scoops of Bulletproof™ Chocolate Collagen Protein into at least 6 ounces of water or your favorite beverage.  Try it blended in Bulletproof® Coffee for a delicious collagen mocha.

Bulletproof Chocolate Collagen Milkshake

Makes 1 serving


  • 2 scoops Bulletproof Chocolate Collagen Protein
  • 1 cup frozen steamed cauliflower (steaming before freezing eases digestion)
  • 1 heaping tbsp. cashew butter
  • ½ tsp. vanilla
  • A few dashes of Ceylon cinnamon
  • 1-1 ½ cups non-dairy milk of choice (coconut, almond, or cashew are all good options)

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