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Bulletproof Curcumin Max - 60 Ct. NEW

Bulletproof Curcumin Max - 60 Ct. NEW

  • R 78000


Whole-body support from strategically blended botanicals boswellia, ginger, stephania and a whole turmeric complex that absorbs 10-times better than standard curcumin 95% powders.


  • Whole-body healthy inflammation response†
  • Supports joint health and mobility†
  • Combats oxidative stress†
  • 10X more bioavailable than standard curcumin 95% powders†
  • Brain Octane® oil softgel utilizes a smart fat for smart absorption†
  • No strong turmeric or ginger taste


  • 1 bottle of 60 softgels
  • 500mg whole turmeric root complex per serving
  • 100mg stephania root extract per serving
  • 100mg ginger root extract per serving
  • 100mg boswellia extract per serving
  • Drug-free inflammation response support
  • Clinically backed doses

The Curcumin Max Difference

Turmeric has historically been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for many purposes. In traditional Chinese medicine turmeric is known as “Jianghuang.” This translates to “yellow ginger” and it was used for everything from sore arms and swelling, to a tonic promoting qi (pronounced CHEE, Chinese for “energy flow”).2 Modern science has shown that curcumin, a product of turmeric root, is a potent active compound with powerful antioxidant properties.

Curcumin Max uses curcumin from Acumin®—a whole turmeric extract that naturally extracts 200+ beneficial root compounds and concentrates them into a unique matrix to improve bioavailability of curcumin without the unnecessary additives. This advanced turmeric complex has been clinically demonstrated to offer 10-times better absorption into the blood stream than standard curcumin 95% powders.

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