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  • R 63000

Introducing HOMEBIOTIC®

A breakthrough in probiotic technology that delivers the benefits of nature’s strongest defense against germs and mold, now in a convenient ready-to-use spray.


  • Begins working instantly to help defend against germs, mold & bad odors
  • Each spray adds billions of naturally-occurring beneficial probiotics
  • 100% safe to use around children and pets
  • Ready to use – No mixing or measuring
  • Remains fully active on surfaces up to 1 week
  • 100% Non-Genetically Modified, All-Natural
  • Colorless and odorless formula
  • Safe on all surfaces: Wood | Drywall | Carpet | Cloth
  • Safe to re-apply as often as required to achieve desired effect
  • Compatible with Green Cleaning products & methods

Homebiotic is a unique mixture of naturally occurring beneficial probiotics. It’s designed to be sprayed throughout your home where it begins restoring a healthy balance to your home’s environment, just like a probiotic supplement would do in your digestive system. Simply put, it’s a Home Probiotic. A Home… Biotic. More literally, Homebiotic is a colorless & odorless liquid formulation that you can spray around your home to reduce unpleasant or musty odors, by helping to deal with the root causes such as germs or mold growth. Homebiotic is not intended as a cleaning product, instead it’s a probiotic supplement that will help form a living defense for your home and get to work attacking harmful bacteria and mold spores before they can become a health issue for your family.