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Bulletproof(R) Hot Chocolate

Bulletproof(R) Hot Chocolate

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Rich, flavorful, sugar-free drinking chocolate
Made from the finest, organic cacao beans and cacao butter
Mixes easily with hot liquids for instant satisfaction
Designed to be the highest quality hot chocolate in existence
Superior Flavor
No performance-robbing mold toxins normally found in chocolate items

Product Description:

Bulletproof(R) Hot Chocolate

1 container of Bulletproof Hot Chocolate (16 oz)

Cold winter nights call for a cup of Bulletproof Hot Chocolate. This superior hot chocolate mixes easily with your favorite hot liquid, to bring you a guilt-free, Bulletproof Diet-approved treat to keep you warm and satisfied, and can be enjoyed over and over again. Day or night, in coffee, in coconut milk, or just water, you'll feel more than satisfied as this delectable drink warms up your insides, and keeps your mind happy. (Just "happy" would be an understatement.)

Bulletproof Hot Chocolate uses the finest ingredients of Bulletproof Cacao Butter, Bulletproof Cacao Powder, Upgraded Sweet, and VanillaMax.

Bulletproof Hot Chocolate is made from the purest, organic cacao beans and cacao butter plus a hint of fragrant vanilla. All ingredients meet the strict Bulletproof Process standards to eliminate performance-robbing mold toxins. Bulletproof Upgraded Sweet, a proprietary blend of non-gmo xylitol and erythritol, extracted from American birch hardwood trees, adds just the right sweetness. This special recipe delivers a rich, creamy chocolate flavor that satisfies and helps you sustain your energy without inflammation-causing sugar.

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