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Bulletproof(R) Upgraded Whey Protein

Bulletproof(R) Upgraded Whey Protein

  • R 1,11000

Bulletproof(R) Upgraded Whey Protein

Has up to 5 times the growth and immune stimulating proteins (IGG) as normal whey.

Increase Energy
Speed Recovery
Boost Immune System

Product Description:

1 bag of Upgraded Whey Protein (16 oz)

Are you tired of not having time to prepare healthy protein for your paleo meals? Are you looking for a convenient way to pack pasture-raised paleo or Bulletproof foods when you travel? Are you looking for a way to strengthen immunity and grow more muscle?

Upgraded Whey is the answer.

Upgraded Whey is the result of years of testing ways to upgrade of the purest pasture-raised whey on earth.

Why Upgraded Whey Is Your Secret Weapon

Upgraded Whey protein changes the game and gives you an unfair advantage over your opponents. As an entrepreneur or a businessperson - it allows you to perform better at work by providing you with a fast source of nutrition. While others are hitting Burger King or subsisting on granola bars, you'll be closing another big deal and finishing early. Whether you're an athlete, parent, or frequent flyer, it is designed to speed recovery and boost your immune system so you can do more without getting sick. As a human being, Upgraded Whey works to turn you into a more powerful, more resilient person who can do more in less time.

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