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Earthing Half Sheet - NEW

Earthing Half Sheet - NEW

  • R 2,99000

This is a universal grounding / earthing sheet or 'bed pad' for grounding while sleeping.  It is a 100% cotton half sheet with soft, yet durable conductive silver fibres woven throughout the material – in total each sheet contains nearly 1/3 mile of silver.

The sheet measures 305cm x 90cm (120" x 35").  This is big enough to fit across the bottom half of any size mattress, with ample tuck length.  The sheet can also be used fitted length-ways from top to bottom covering the whole mattress.  The actual conductive area is 201cm x 90cm (79" x 35") with a non-cotton tuck under of 52cm (20.5") on each side.  Colour is natural cotton (off-white).

Towards the edge of the sheet is a connection stud where the connection cord fits.

Direct skin contact with the sheet is required for optimal use, so the sheet should be placed on top of your normal sheet.

This product set includes everything you need for use: the earthing sheet, a 4.6m (15ft) connection cord, and your choice of Earth connection.

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