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Earthing Pillow Case - NEW

Earthing Pillow Case - NEW

  • R 78100

The Earthing pillow case is made with the same natural cotton and silver fibres as the Earthing sheets.

It is 50cm x 80cm (20" x 32") and is conductive on both sides.

A 6m (20ft) coiled connection cord is included with the pillow case.  Note that no connection plug is included, since most people will use the pillow case in conjunction with an Earthing sheet, and the two products can share the same plug.  (The connection plugs generally include two sockets which is enough to connect a sheet and one pillow case.  To connect a sheet and two pillow cases, it is necessary to purchase an additional 2 into 1 splitter.)

To use the pillow case as a standalone product, it is necessary to purchase a separate Earth connection plug.

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