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Homespun Himalayan Mud + Activated Charcoal Mask

Homespun Himalayan Mud + Activated Charcoal Mask

  • R 14000

Clay is renowned for drawing impurities from the pores while the masks dries and tightens.It absorbs excess oil and dead skin cells which are responsible for clogged pores that cause acne and blackheads.

Himalayan clay is packed full of vitamins and nutrients that rejuvenate and refresh tired,dull skin.We have added activated charcoal (detox), licorice root extract (pigmentation)and Niacinimide (pores and redness) as additional boosters to this mask.

A truly versatile mask that addresses many of your skincare concerns.

Suitable for all skin types especially oily,acne prone skin.


Activate mask by mixing approximately 1 teaspoon of powder with either :

Witch Hazel
Boiled Water
Green Tea Solution

Can be customized according to your skin needs.


Fullers Earth,Activated Charcoal,Licorice Root Extract, Niacinimide,Allantoin


88 grams

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