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Homespun HYALURON+ B3 + B5

Homespun HYALURON+ B3 + B5

  • R 45000


Formulated for the individual who requires a luxury cosmeceutical that will plump,hydrate and soothe skin.

Hyaluronic acid is a powerful humectant that keeps skin smooth, flawless and dewy. It has the ability to bind up to a 1000 times its weight in water keeping skin hydrated and younger looking. Known as topical botox it curbs premature wrinkles,boosts skin elasticity, promotes healthy cell turnover and firmer skin.

Niacinimide or vitamin b3 is an all rounder skin active that minimizes pores, eases redness,pigmentation and and maintains your skins barrier function.

Vitamin b5 is a humectant that adds an additional layer of moisture and soothes skin.

A great multipurpose serum that will definitely compliment your skincare routine.

Suitable for all skin types .


Use AM and PM after cleansing.

Best used on slightly damp skin .Mist face with one of our tonics or water.

The use of a moisturiser or serum is recommended after use.


Aqua,Hyaluronic Acid,Niacinimide (vit b3),Pro Vitamin B5,Sorbic Acid


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