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Qualia Nootropic Step 1 & 2 pack. R2880 - Please contact us to order

Qualia Nootropic Step 1 & 2 pack. R2880 - Please contact us to order

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Qualia Nootropic (The “God Pill” For Mental Performance, Brain Growth & Cognitive Enhancement)

In his groundbreaking article on Qualia, Ben Greenfield calls this new nootropic “The God Pill”, and in his interview with the creator and designer at “42 Different Ways To Build A Better Brain, The Problem With Modern Smart Drugs, Hacking Your Neurons & More“, Ben takes a deep audio dive on the exact components of this extremely unique brain building and cognitive performance enhancing compound.

Each ingredient included in Qualia is based on a whole system design methodology. This means that Daniel and the team at Neurohacker Collective have taken singular care to understand the specific effects of 42 different ingredients and how they combine with each other to effect the mind, brain and body interface.

They pulled this off by engaging in a rigorous examination of something called “neuropsychopharmacology“, an interdisciplinary science that combines psychopharmacology (which is the study of how chemicals affect the mind) and neuroscience (which is the study of the neural mechanisms that chemicals act upon to influence behavior).

They then performed a comprehensive analysis of neuroscience research to determine the underlying regulatory hardware responsible for mediating the desired subjective and performative effects they wanted to get out of a pill. Along the way, their goal stayed constant: to magnify all normal and healthy physiologic pathways and processes, with the goal of evolving a more robust and complex neural network and regulatory system functioning.