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Sunfood Shampoo

Sunfood Shampoo

  • R 24150

Sunfood Shampoo to Make Your Hair Bounce

With our new 100% plant based Shampoo, your hair gets the deep cleaning, soothing and revitalizing attention it deserves.

Wildcrafted Soap Nut naturally contains saponins which act as a foaming aid, unlike other products which contain saponin that’s been chemically extracted and processed with lye. Soap nut has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine as a natural insecticide, gently used to remove lice from the scalp.

The addition of Makrut Lime and Pineapple Enzymes leaves the hair soft, manageable and full of body. Live microorganisms keep your hair alive and giving it the nourishment it needs!
Experience bouncy, lively hair and a rejuvenated scalp with a mild, sweet smell!