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TeloYears - Resolve to stay younger longer

TeloYears - Resolve to stay younger longer

  • R 2,58000

Try a unique DNA health + next generation ancestry test with results you can really use to control how well you're aging. Make a resolution to track your cellular age based on your telomere length and improve it this year. Set your baseline with an initial test, and add our cellular supplement as part of your improvement plan. It's also a great gift.

It starts with just a drop or two of blood that you collect from your finger at home. Then we extract DNA from your cells, analyze your average telomere length, and report your current "cellular age" based on how your telomeres compare to those of others your same age and gender. Whether your results fall in our expected, better, or improvable range, you'll get personalized guidance and the option of expert support from a TeloCoach to establish your custom lifestyle improvement plan based on decades of telomere science. Go beyond basic cholesterol tests or tracking ordinary vital signs like heart rate, and monitor the vitality of your cells. With knowledge of your DNA that empowers you with inspiration to improve and possibly slow down the clock on the aging process. Start making even smarter lifestyle decisions based on your telomere health.

  • Test kit – collect sample at home and mail back
  • Results Report – delivered electronically
  • BluePrint for Aging Well – telomere science-based tool to help understand your results plus a self assessment to take action
  • Regular Processing – results in 3 to 4 weeks
  • Cost includes return shipping of kit to the USA