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Life Extension European Leg Solution featuring Certified Diosmin 95

Life Extension European Leg Solution featuring Certified Diosmin 95

  • R 72000

  • Life Extension European Leg Solution featuring Certified Diosmin 95
  • 600 mg, 30 vegetarian tablets

It is estimated that half of all women in the United States will develop unsightly veins by age While dermatologists often suggest surgery to correct this “age-related” issue, European women have enjoyed access to a natural solution for 30 years!

For the first time, Life Extension offers American women the same extract without a prescription. No more compression bandages, or stockings. Instead, you can experience the same beautifying effects European women have been raving about for three decades—naturally!

Derived from the sweet orange, European Leg Solution featuring Certified Diosmin 95 contains a plant-based bioflavonoid called diosmin and is available in a vegetarian tablet.

In order to derive any significant benefit, bioactive diosmin extract must be able to reach veins directly. Life Extension’s proprietary product undergoes a complex, highly refined process called micronization. It yields the only form of diosmin clinically proven to support healthy vascular function in the legs.

This scientifically controlled, multi-phase technique radically reduces the size of the standard diosmin particles contained in each tablet, from 100 microns to less than 45 microns. The result is an optimally bioavailable standardized extract. This ensures rapid, efficient delivery of diosmin to the bloodstream, enabling enhanced penetration of the delicate inner lining of the veins.

As with so many “age-related” conditions, inflammation is the chief culprit behind the presence of unsightly veins. Inflammatory responses are precipitated by the interaction between white blood cells and the endothelial lining. Life Extension’s European Leg Solution featuring Certified Diosmin affords effective protection, to disrupt this inflammatory response. This formulation has been shown to:

  1. Maintain tone and elasticity of your veins — the key to sustained vascular health.
  2. Maintain healthy blood flow through your capillaries — the most fragile of your blood vessels.
  3. Ease the inflammatory effects of free floating biochemical compounds.
  4. Safeguard collagen and elastin against oxidative damage.
  5. Enjoy an outstanding safety record.
  6. Produce results in 1-2 weeks, with a single 600 mg tablet each morning.

And all using the same pharmaceutical grade extract enjoyed by European women.

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