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NAD+ Cell Regenerator™ 100 mg, 30 vegetarian capsules

NAD+ Cell Regenerator™ 100 mg, 30 vegetarian capsules

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NAD+ Cell Regenerator™ 100 mg, 30 vegetarian capsules

If you are experiencing fatigue and lack of motivation, it may be due to the age-related decline in NAD+ levels1 and subsequent impairment of healthy cellular metabolism. NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) promotes systemic youthful functions and is found in every cell in the body. In addition, NAD+ plays an essential role in regulating genes that control aging.

How To Boost NAD+ Levels Within Your Cells

Newly patented nicotinamide riboside increases cellular levels of NAD+ in the body. For the first time, aging humans have an effective and affordable method to boost the critical NAD+ enzyme for refreshed vitality. Nicotinamide riboside represents an innovative advance to combat aging that functions via unique mechanisms not found in typical dietary supplements.

Multiple Benefits Of Increasing NAD+ Cellular Levels

Nicotinamide riboside has been documented to help replenish cellular NAD+ and in the process:

  • Promote sirtuin (SIRT1 and SIRT3) gene activation
  • Enhance growth and efficiency of mitochondria—supporting energy levels and physical performance
  • Favorably modulate metabolism
  • Contribute to neuronal health—supporting cognitive function during aging
  • Promote insulin sensitivity—supporting healthy blood sugar levels in those within the normal range

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